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Payment Acceptance

From online to in-person and everything in between. We simplify payment acceptance so that you can focus on what matters.

All Forms of Payments

Our solutions cater to all transaction types. Online, in-person, and more, ensuring
seamless payment processing for every customer interaction. ​

ISO BIN Sponsorship Program

In addition to our traditional ISO programs, our BIN Program offer for qualified ISOs & ISVs allows unlimited growth and removes traditional barriers to entry.

Vertically Integrated Software Solutions

Solutions designed to meet each vertical's unique 
needs, including retail, hospitality, and more. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive ISV partner program.







Learn why thousands of businesses chose to partner with Netevia



Our no-code approach for businesses looking to accelerate their market entry helps them get up and running quickly by launching their banking services account and branded debit card without requiring any code.

Fully Customizable Solution

Built to support expansion and scalability,
our customizable APIs, SDKs, and third-party integrations allow businesses
to embed our financial services
to meet their unique needs.

Banking Services
program for ISOs

Earn new residual income from merchant spending
and account balances with Netevia's Banking
Services. Additionally, get a signup bonus on
new accounts while gaining a competitive edge.

ISO Banking Services

Banking services built for the ISO community by industry experts

netevia card

Personal Banking Services

Banking services that reward you

Consumer card program
with exclusive benefits.

netevia card

Business Banking Services

Business banking services done right

Card program tailored 
for today's business owners.

SMB Solutions

& Software
Built for SMBs

Enhance productivity, lower expenses and excel
in operations of businesses with our POS systems.

ISVs & Plugins

software for
strategic verticals

Netevia solutions tailored to a range 
of professional services, from barbershops and hair salons to accountants.

Online Payment Acceptance

Payments Online

Receive payments online from anywhere your customers are – through a website, within an app, or via payment links.

Online Payment Acceptance


Use Netevia's APIs to build
your custom payment
experience utilizing your brand.

Online Payment Acceptance


Use our Payment Links to accept
payments online without needing
a website or knowing how to code.

Online Payment Acceptance

Payment Form

Netevia's prebuilt payment form is an optimized for conversions checkout page.

you are

Access your account on iOS and Android.


Create your own experience

Build your customized payment acceptance experience with our developer-friendly platform and library of APIs, or use our no-code options to launch quickly.

No Code Required

Designed with you in mind, accept payments quickly without requiring
any code.

Payment & Banking services API

Embed our payments
or banking-as-a-service APIs to your platform for a customized experience.

Existing Integrations

Explore our existing list of partner integrations in the Netevia ISV 
and Platform Marketplace.


Netevia HQ is a powerful, intuitive platform serving as your comprehensive solution
for merchant services management and ISO CRM.

Automate residual calculations 
from Payments 
& Banking Services

Consolidate Operations

Streamline payments and unify data, teams, and customers
on one platform that simplifies operations without the clutter of multiple systems. With sales, customer support, and residual management capabilities, it’s designed to evolve
with your business, ensuring seamless integration and growth.

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An integrated ecosystem combining

software, hardware, and financial services seamlessly.

Get Started
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    Netevia HQ

    Seamlessly onboard, underwrite, and support  your clients throughout their life cycle with  our Merchant Management Platform.

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    Easily embed our financial services  into your platforms using our APIs.

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    ISVs & ISOs

    Financial tools designed to help partners grow and scale.

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    Banking services

    A modern approach to banking services that rewards you and your business.

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    Online, in-person or embedded, Netevia simplifies payment acceptance.