Payments for all business types

Easily accept all types of payments across different platforms.

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Accept Payments Everywhere

Give your customers the same payment experience in person
and online while consolidating all your data under one platform.

In Person

In-Person Payments

Easily accept all major payment
types for your business. 
Our transparent pricing models
allow you to easily understand
how much you're paying.

In Person Payments


online Payments

Process payments online quickly
by adding our payment methods
to your online store. Alternatively,
integrate your existing online store
or app with our payment APIs.

Online Payments


Omnichannel Payments

Our omnichannel solutions enable
you to integrate all your payment
processes into one comprehensive
ecosystem, streamlining online
and offline transactions.

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Hardware for Retail? We've Got Your Back

From handhelds and mobile POS systems to full-scale
restaurant and retail-grade equipment, Netevia offers
various customizable POS solutions for our merchants.

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Handheld Terminals? We've Got Your Back

Our Netevia N series of smart terminals combine 
hardware and software to provide the most seamless 
and robust payment experience on a handheld device.

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Restaurant POS? We've Got Your Back

Are you looking for a restaurant POS for your business? 
We enhanced the Clover POS you know and love with
integrations that make restaurant owners' lives easier.

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Banking Services that Reward You

The power of payments, banking services,
and cash flow is all under one platform.

Business Banking Services

Banking services built for businesses:

  • 1 1% Unlimited Cash Back

  • 2 1% Match on your initial deposits

  • 3 2% Annually on your balances

  • 4 Instant Access to your Funds

card Accounts

Netevia is a financial services company, not a bank. Banking services are provided
by Sutton Bank; Member FDIC. Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Benefits of Netevia Merchant Services

You can accept payments using hardware
and software built by Netevia or pick from
one of the brands you're used to working with.

Entire Back Office - One Platform

Netevia HQ gives the business
owner a clear understanding
of their sales

As a busy business owner, you require precise
and comprehensive data on all transactions from
your organization. Netevia HQ offers a solution
in a simple, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Netevia HQ