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Monetize your software by embedding financial services, including payments, banking services, and loans.

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Create New Revenue Streams

Add payments to your software without third-party referrals and make money on every transaction you process while increasing customer loyalty.

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Accept Payments

Accept and store payment details, including cards, ACH, and other popular payment methods. Simplify invoicing for recurring customers and offer discounts and free trials to increase conversions.

Value Added Services

Provide your customers with value-added services, such as data analytics, fraud prevention, and customer support, to take your business to the next level.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Access a new revenue stream by providing your merchants with pre-approved loans through Netevia Banking services. Qualified business owners using Netevia Payments & Banking services get pre-approved offers within their banking services app.

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Payment Experience

Increase user satisfaction, loyalty and boost customer retention rates by providing a smooth payment experience.

Efficiently Scale

Access the infrastructure and resources required to handle high transaction volumes efficiently without disruption.

Streamline Onboarding

Save time and effort by streamlining the onboarding process for your users by partnering with Netevia.

We Handle
Compliance for You

Compliance doesn't need to be complicated. Streamline compliance through a partnership with Netevia, certified to the highest compliance and operational excellence standards.

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Advanced KYC Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring systems that analyzes transactions
  • Encryption techniques to secure sensitive customer data
  • Risk-based approach to KYC and KYB compliance
  • Automatically decrease fraud and improve authorization rates

Transaction Monitoring And Protection

  • Real-time transaction tracking for suspicious activity
  • Machine learning algorithms analyzing transaction patterns
  • Customizable rules engine to adapt to evolving fraud tactics
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Become a Fintech Powerhouse

Effortlessly transform your platform into a fintech powerhouse with Netevia's embedded finance solutions. We handle everything—from compliance to infrastructure.
Access essential tools like banking services, loans and payments APIs to grow your business. Unlock your business's full potential with Netevia.

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Banking-as-a-Service API

API that lets you embed financial services in your product.

Custom Card Programs

Business card program for your users that offers additional money movement options.

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Explore how Netevia partners help companies of different industries and sizes.

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