Earn Residual Income on Deposits, Balances and Card Spend

ISOs can now earn new residual income on Deposits, Balances, Card Spend

The Bridge Between Two Worlds
Banking for ISOs


ISOs now have the opportunity to unlock a new source of income by leveraging their merchant's deposits, unlocking new earning.


Have the ability to reap additional, long-term rewards from their merchants' account balances.

Debit Spend

Also, generate ongoing revenue from your merchants' Debit transactions, expanding this new avenue for residual income.

Maximize your Residual Income Today!

Become The one Stop Shop

Stop Losing Deals to Banks

Stop waiting for merchants to open a bank account
Stop requiring voided checks

Earn Even More

Receive a 1% bonus of the total amount deposited by your merchants in the first 90 days of opening their account.

Available for sales agents as well

If you're an independent sales agent looking to start offering banking to your merchants, sign up with one of our Registered Partners.

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