A New Source of Revenue for ISOs and Agents

Netevia Banking Services is the new financial home
for ISOs, created by payment professionals.

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Netevia is a financial services company, not a bank.
Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank;
Member FDIC. Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000

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Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Create a new source of residual revenue, close more deals, and gain a competitive edge by offering your merchants a business banking account that rewards them.

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Launch Your Own Card Program

Get up and running quickly with our co-branded card program or create your unique banking experience with our APIs.

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Custom Card Programs

Create custom card programs
to target niche verticals and provide customized offers.

FDIC Insured

All of our bank partners are FDIC-insured, meaning your customers’ funds and yours are safe.

We Handle Compliance

All of our bank partners are FDIC-insured, meaning your customer's funds and yours are safe.

Multiply Your Portfolio's Value

Multiply the value of your portfolio by upselling Netevia Business Banking Services to your existing merchant base or by selling it as a new additional service to your next merchants.

Netevia Capital

Access a new revenue Get Started
Access a new revenue stream by providing your merchants with pre-approved loans through Netevia Banking. Qualified business owners using Netevia Payments & Banking get pre-approved offers within their banking app.

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No Long Application Process

Your merchants receive a pre-application notification in their banking app, removing
the need for a lengthy application process.

New Revenue Stream

Automatically get paid when merchants use Netevia Capital without any input
from your end, it's that easy.

More Sales Opportunities

Let your agents get their foot through the door by
offering Netevia Business Banking Services to those businesses not ready to change their merchant services

Business Banking Services That Will Help Your Merchants Grow

Netevia Business Banking Services was created to help fuel the growth
of business owners by providing them with an account that rewards them without any of the usual fees charged by traditional banks.

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1% Cash Back

Business owners earn unlimited 1% cash rewards on all purchases using their
Netevia Business Debit Card.

2% on Account Balance

Your Netevia Business Banking Services customers earn 2% on their checking account balance and no account fees.

1% Match Welcome Bonus

Merchants get a 1% match on their
deposits up to $100,000 in deposits
for the first 90 days of account opening.

No Fees Business Account

Minimum balances and monthly fees
are a thing of the past; our accounts
are free of fees or long application processes.

Banking Services for ISOs by ISOs

We understand the annoyance of having your bank account closed just because of the industry you work for. That's why we decided to create Netevia Banking Services, a program created from the ground up for the payment professional.

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Manage Your
Entire Business

Instantly create multiple accounts
for each residual stream and easily
track your cash flow.

Same Benefits
as Merchants

Enjoy the same benefits your
merchants do when using Netevia
Banking Services for your ISO.

Recruit Better

Get your Netevia Air card and recruit
better talent by offering industry-
specific employee benefits.

Instant Access to Your Sales

Combining Netevia Banking and Payments makes your business
eligible for our instant funding services; you no longer need
to wait three business days to access revenue from your sales.

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A Modern Approach To The ISO Industry

At Netevia, we strongly believe in the ISO community, which is why we worked hard to create what we know is the most comprehensive and innovative ISO program in the industry.

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Complete Merchant Solution

Sell products that are not only modern and help you
grow your revenue but also enhance the productivity
of the businesses you sell to.

Sales Enablement

Make your selling process easier with the tools
we built, including our custom Merchant Online

Easy Merchant Onboarding

Onboard, underwrite, and support your merchants
throughout their life cycle using our ISO merchant
management platform.

Build a Future-Proof Business

We provide ISOs with the technology they need
to compete with big fintech companies and stay
relevant in the future.