A Modern Approach to The ISO Industry

Whether you are starting your first ISO or a veteran ready to scale
your business, we have the tools you need to beat the competition.

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New Revenue Streams With Netevia Business Banking Services

Earn new residual income from your merchant's account balances, card spend, and a one-time welcome bonus on newly activated and funded accounts.

ISO Banking Program

Card Spend

Earn new residual income on your merchant's Netevia Debit card spend.

Card Spend

Earn new residual income on your merchant's Netevia Debit card spend.

Card Spend

Earn new residual income on your merchant's Netevia Debit card spend.

Easy Onboarding Process of New Merchants

Seamlessly onboard, underwrite, and support your merchants throughout their life cycle with our ISO Merchant Management Platform.

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Online Application

Let our relationship managers create custom online application links for your agents, allowing you to sign up new merchants quickly.

Underwriting Process

With our Merchant Management Platform, you can see what stage of the underwriting process your merchants are at and the next steps.

Service & Support

Work with a dedicated team of customer service and tech support reps who are constantly trained and speak multiple languages.

The Power of Payments
& Banking Combined

Combine the power of payments & banking to improve your merchant's cash flow and access a new suite of financial tools for your merchants.

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Multiply Your Portfolio's Value

Multiply the value of your portfolio by upselling Netevia Banking to it or offering it to new merchants.

Increased Customer Retention

Grow your merchant retention rate by offering an ecosystem of products that increases your customer's lifetime value.

Instant Deposits for Merchants

Give your merchants instant funding for free and let them get their hard-earned money quicker.

A Partnership to Fuel Growth

We reinvented the ISO program to focus on giving our partners all the tools to grow and build a future-proof business so that they can multiply their portfolio value.

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Marketing Tools

Marketing materials that make your agent's selling process easier by explaining how our products and services enhance business operations and increase revenue.

White-Label Solutions

Grow your brand recognition
by white-labeling all our products and services 
with your brand, helping you increase  your customer loyalty.

Tech Stack

From modern handheld terminals, gateways, APIs, and a BaaS platform, work with a partner that invests in technology  to ensure you can win against bigger competitors.

Transparent Reporting

With our ISO merchant management
platform, you can easily understand 
the number of residuals coming in, broken down by sub-ISO, agent, or merchant level.

Netevia Capital

Get access to a completely passive revenue stream by offering business loans to help drive your merchant's business growth with Netevia Capital.

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Drive Business Growth

Help your merchants grow by giving them access to customized loan offers based on their card sales.

No Application Required

Available for merchants using Payment and Banking Services without extra paperwork needed.

Passive Income

Your pre-approved merchants receive their loan offers within their banking dashboard.

Netevia ISO Fund

We created a unique program called the Netevia ISO Fund. It is a residual-based financing program to boost the growth of our ISOs and enable them to hire more employees or purchase more equipment without requiring an upfront investment.

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Financing for the ISO Industry

Netevia boosts our ISO partners' growth by allowing them to leverage their portfolio's residual payments to access a line of credit.

from Residuals

We will collect a portion of your residual payment every month and automatically apply it to your balance.

Boost Business

Use the financing to hire 
employees, try new marketing initiatives, or purchase equipment to drive business growth.

BIN Sponsorship

Your merchants are your customers. It is only logical that you have merchant portability, allowing you to move your portfolio as you see fit.

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Better Pricing

Offer your merchants better pricing structures and take advantage of the higher margins.

Become a Partner

We will collect a portion of your residual payment every month and automatically apply it to your balance.

Win & Retain Merchants

Get access to clear yet flexible underwriting criteria and the appropriate level of autonomy for your ISO.

Hardware & Software for All Industries

At Netevia, we spend our time ensuring we have the best hardware and software for a wide range of verticals to allow our ISOs to excel in whatever industry they want to sell to.

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Netevia Terminals

The Netevia N Series terminals, integrated with our POS GO software, represent our handheld smart terminal solution designed to cater to various industries.

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PAX Hardware

We are bringing PAX hardware into the Netevia ecosystem. Experience the Elys Workstation with our software partner, On The Fly POS, or the A920 with Netevia POS GO.

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Clover Hardware

We enhanced the typical Clover POS with our software partner, OrderOut. Let your merchants connect 3rd-party delivery platforms to their Clover POS system automatically.

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Netevia Terminals

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Integrated Software Partners

We partnered with some of the industry's best point of sale software providers to provide our ISO with tools to serve their merchants better.

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On The Fly POS

The flexibility to combine different Android devices to create the perfect solution for your merchants.

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An All-in-One cloud-based POS for any business type available on multiple devices and platforms.

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A retail franchise POS built to allow merchants to manage all aspects of their business from one system.

All Payment Types

Our partners are not limited to only in-person payments. We have robust solutions for Online Payments with Hosted Payment Pages or APIs and a complete Omnichannel payment experience.

Recruit Top Talent with The Industry Professional Card

Attract better talent by offering your employees the Netevia Industry Professional card.

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Early Wage Access

Give your employees faster access to a part of their paycheck without disrupting your regular payroll.

Exclusive Events

Access to exclusive events and premium 
experiences with our card program.

High-Yield Savings Account

Let your employees set money aside from their paychecks in our High-Yield Savings Accounts.

Early Access to Tax Refund

Early Access to Tax Refund offers employees an interest-free advance on their expected tax returns at no extra cost to you.