All the tools
Restaurants need

Improve the efficiency of your restaurant by integrating
all your business financial needs under one platform.

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All types of restaurants

We have custom solutions for all types of restaurants, from your food
truck all the way to your full-service restaurant.

Fine Dining

Fine Dining

With our full-service restaurant
POS solution, you can take orders
and pay at the table while providing an
unforgettable fine dining experience.

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Casual Dining

Casual Dining

Streamline the efficiency of your quick
service restaurant without needing to
hire additional staff.

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Food Truck

Food Truck

Netevia's mobile-friendly POS will
incease the orders your food truck is
able to handle. Let your guests skip
the line and pay from their phones.

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Bar & Nightclubs

Bar & Nightclubs

A bar POS system your bartenders will
love. Take orders at the bar or at tables
with Netevia N line of handhelds while
making your business more profitable.

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In Person

Easily accept all major payment
types for your business.
Our transparent pricing models
allow you to easily understand
how much you're paying.

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Process payments online easily
by adding our payment methods
to your online store. Alternatively,
integrate your existing online store
or app with our payment APIs.

Online Payments


Our omnichannel solutions enable
you to integrate all your payment
processes into one comprehensive
ecosystem, streamlining online and
offline transactions.

Omnichannel Payments

Custom Solutions For Restaurants

At Netevia, we created a suite of solutions that simplify
and enhance the day-to-day operations of restaurant owners.

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3rd Party
Delivery Integrations

Automatically accept incoming
orders from all the major
3rd-party delivery platforms.


Our Onboarding is simple and
straightforward: you can do it
yourself without a sales call.

Menu Pricing

Price your menu items from your
delivery apps however you see fit.

Labor Cost

Cut Labor costs by reducing labor
intensive data entry into the POS.

Accept Orders

Accept Orders


Synchronize all your 3rd party
delivery apps reporting under
one platform.

Banking Services
that Reward You

The power of payments, banking services,
and cash flow is all under one platform.

Business Banking Services

Banking services built
for businesses:

  • 1 1% Unlimited Cash Back

  • 2 1% Match on your initial deposits

  • 3 2% Annually on your balances

  • 4 Instant Access to your Funds

card Accounts

Netevia is a financial services company, not a bank. Banking services are provided
by Sutton Bank; Member FDIC. Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Same-Day Payouts
with Banking Services

Integrate our restaurant banking services for your delivery
services payouts, and receive same-day funding.

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Traditional Way


Ubereats payout with Netevia Banking services

Access to
Working Capital

Automatically qualify for business loan based
on your card sales and repay it with a
percentage of your daily card sales.

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Drive Business Growth

Help your merchants grow by giving them
access to customized loan offers based on
their card sales.

No Application Required

Available for merchants using Payment and
Banking Services without extra paperwork

Passive Income

Your pre-approved merchants receive their
loan offers within their banking services dashboard.

Attract Better Talent

Offer better employee benefits
by leveraging banking services.

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Wage Access

Give employees faster access
to their already earned wages
without changing your payroll.

Savings Account

Let your employees
automatically set money aside
in a High-Yield Savings Account.

Early Access
to Tax Refund

An interest-free advance
on your employees
expected tax returns.

POS built for Restaurants

From handhelds and mobile POS systems to full-scale restaurant-grade equipment,
Netevia offers a wide variety of customizable POS solutions for our merchants.

Benefits of Netevia
Merchant Services

You can accept payments using hardware
and software built by Netevia or pick from
one of the brands you're used to working with.

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Entire Back Office - One Platform

As a busy business owner, you require precise and comprehensive data
on all transactions from your organization. Netevia HQ offers a solution 
in a simple, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

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