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  • Limits are per card issued:
    Per transaction: $100,000 
    Per Day: $300,000
    Per Month: $500,000

    Maximum Account Balance: $2M (Cap includes all FA)
    ACH limits: Max ACH daily incoming transfer limit $2M
    (includes card + FA balance) 
    Outgoing ACH Limit: None

    Account to Account Outgoing Transaction Limits:
    Per transaction: $150,000
    Per Day: $150,000
    Per Week: $250,000Per
    Month: $500,000
    A2A Incoming Transfer: No limits

  • No, we do not charge you any fees. You may encounter a fee by using an out-of-network ATM or from an external bank. Our ATM Withdrawal and balance inquiry fee are $0 as long as an in-network ATM is used.

  • Customer Support business hours are from 6 AM to 2 AM EST.

  • You can email customer support at support@netevia.com.

  • Tech support agents are available via phone at 877-610-4792, option 3, or by emailing techsupport@netevia.com.


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