Maximize Your Business Potential

Partner with us to experience transformative growth, innovation,
and success. Together, we'll provide unparalleled support, resources,
and expertise, propelling your business to new heights.

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Embarking on a partnership with us unlocks a realm of remarkable benefits that propel your business toward success. As your trusted collaborator, we provide an expansive array of resources, insights, and opportunities that set the stage for growth
and innovation

A Partnership to Fuel Growth

We reinvented the ISO program to focus on giving
our partners all the tools to grow and build a future-proof business so that they can multiply their portfolio value.

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Marketing Tools

Marketing materials that make your 
agent's selling process easier by explaining
how our products and services enhance
business operations and increase revenue.

White-Label Solutions

Grow your brand recognition
by white-labeling all our products
and services with your brand, helping
you increase your customer loyalty.

Tech Stack

From modern handheld terminals, gateways,
APIs, and a BaaS platform, work with
a partner that invests in technology 
to ensure you can win against bigger competitors.

Transparent Reporting

With our ISO merchant management
platform, you can easily understand 
the number of residuals coming in,
broken down by sub-ISO, agent, or merchant level.

Hardware & Software for All Industries

At Netevia, we spend our time ensuring we have the best hardware and software for a wide range of verticals to allow our ISOs to excel in whatever industry they want to sell to.

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Netevia Terminals

The Netevia N Series terminals, integrated
with our POS GO software, represent
our handheld smart terminal solution designed to cater to various industries.s.

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PAX Hardware

We are bringing PAX hardware into the Netevia ecosystem. Experience the Elys Workstation with our software partner, On The Fly POS, or the A920 with Netevia POS GO.

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Clover Hardware

We enhanced the typical Clover POS
with our software partner, OrderOut. Let your merchants connect 3rd-party delivery platforms
to their Clover POS system automatically.

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Business Banking Services That Will Help Your Merchants Grow

Netevia Business Banking Services was created to help fuel the growth
of business owners by providing them with an account that rewards them without any of the usual fees charged by traditional banks.

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1% Cash Back

Business owners earn unlimited 1% cash rewards on all purchases using their
Netevia Business Debit Card.

2% on Account Balance

Your Netevia Business Banking Services customers earn 2% on their checking account balance and no account fees.

1% Match Welcome Bonus

Merchants get a 1% match on their
deposits up to $100,000 in deposits
for the first 90 days of account opening.

No Fees Business Account

Minimum balances and monthly fees
are a thing of the past; our accounts
are free of fees or long application processes.