The Premier Payment Acquiring Solution

With over a decade of experience in payments, Netevia provides a payment facilitator solution built for the future. With innovation top of mind, the PayFac program at Netevia offers forward-looking transaction solutions for you and for those merchants and sub-agents under your organization.

Easy to Integrate

Time is critical for any business, and a traditional payment facilitator program application and setup is a lengthy process. With Netevia we share our years of experience in working with agents, merchants, and software developers focused on payments, to offer a seamless process for setting up and implementing our services as a payment facilitator.

Experts in Payment Tech

The future of payments has arrived. Disruptors are creating an ecosystem of new tech replacing old tech in the payments industry at a rapid rate. We pride ourselves in being experts in payment tech, and looking to future innovations like same-day funding, m-commerce, and AI-enabled cashless payments. All of what we do is dedicated to making payments transact faster and more secure than ever before.

End-To-End Solution

What if you had all the equipment necessary to build your dream payments solution in one place? Enter Netevia payment facilitator, where we make complex PayFac tech simple. Neteva’s PayFac technology is fully connected to our suite of other services like Netevia HQ dashboard and eCommerce payment implementations, so you can do more in less time with a true end-to-end solution.

API For All

Developers will enjoy a flexible and powerful API to utilize the Netevia payment facilitator services in their payments stack as they see fit.

Say goodbye to the hurdles caused by multiple parties that were once involved in something like a payment facilitator API integration. Say hello to Netevia’s end-to-end platform that provides everything payments related in one neat package.

Integrated Solution Benefits

As a Netevia client, you will likely no longer have to outsource payment services. Now everything can be done in-house, like creating a branded PayFac with your name in lights, not ours.

Open up new avenues of revenue with our unique payment facilitation services including omnichannel payments. Get EMV, ACH, and card-present in one easy place. Do more with an integrated solution that has years of experience in servicing companies across North America.


Get In Touch Today

Have a question about leveraging our payment facilitator product? Want to know how it will integrate with your existing payments stack, or how we can relieve multiple pain points at once? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss all that Netevia can do for your organization.