Sell More, Do Less with Netevia POS Solutions

Harness powerful restaurant POS systems dedicated to improving productivity and eliminating order errors. Our wide range of POS solutions allows you to accept payments and improve front, and back-of-the-house communications. All with some of the lowest processing costs in the industry.

Earning The Trust of Restaurant Owners

We are excited to have thousands of restaurant owners using our POS solutions, and at the same time, we take pride in earning each new account's trust by providing a superior product with superior support and service.

Top Features

From round-the-clock customer service to innovative handheld POS systems engineered for curbside pickup, to a free online ordering platform, Netevia POS solutions excel in offering you the best features in the food business.

Ease of Use

A hallmark of our POS systems is the usability experience for the busy restaurant owner and staff. There are no complex instruction manuals to pour over for hours, and you don't need a degree in computer science to run a sales report after a shift. In short, our POS systems were built to be easy-to-implement and adaptable to a variety of food-service-related applications.

Customizable Full Service POS Solutions

A pitfall for many restaurant owners occurs when they try to make a generic POS system fit their unique needs. Simply put a POS used to sell shoes won't work well for a deli. Even restaurant-specific POS systems can be too generic. That's why we at Netevia offer customizable POS systems that cater uniquely to all types of establishments from the steakhouse to the coffee shop, and more.

Tech + Food Biz Knowledge = Increased Profits

At the end of the day in a tight-margin business like food service, surviving and thriving comes down to saving money. Our POS system solutions leverage technology so you can save more money by improving efficiencies across the scope of your organization. From tablet-based ordering to curbside pickup checkout, to implementing gift cards and cashless m-commerce transactions.


Netevia POS Solution Features

  • Get access to rich sales and inventory reporting that helps you spot trends that enable business growth
  • Increase customer satisfaction with pay-at-table capabilities that reduce customer wait time at checkout
  • Boost revenue with POS full house coverage that gets orders where they need to go quickly and thus turns tables faster
  • Lower wait times with self-service kiosks that take orders when your staff can't
  • Lower labor costs with POS solutions self-service platform that can be your employee for $89/M
  • Create multiple checkout points and increase your customer turnaround time with self-service kiosks
  • Actionable insights so you can know what items are selling best to help optimize your business