Dont Wait For So Long
For Your Hard Earned Money!

For business owners, cash flow is key.
You need 24/7 access to funds to pay bills, payrolls and keep the
business up and running. With Fast Pass Funding you are able to
transfer the funds from your payment processing account into
your bank account almost immediately!

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As a Business owner, you know that most processors hold your money for 48-72 hours before funding you. There are several funding options on the market Today: Standard ACH, next day funding and same day funding.

Standard ACH funding for merchant accounts takes up to 2-3 business days for bank account funding for your credit card processing. Most of the times are no amount limits and no associated fees.

In Netevia, we think its wrong to make you wait so long so we made your funds available the same day!

Next Day Funding - very popular option for businesses that settle their batches at the end of the business day. As long as batches are settled before the cut-off time, funds will show up and be ready to use the next day or within 24 hrs the most

We are the first ones on the market allowing the fastest in merchant services funding option allowing for batches settled before 5:00 am to be funded the same day which is a great help for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and convenience stores.

Business owners will benefit from the immediate cash flow needed to keep business moving forward!