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Offering Complimentary Access to Earned Wages

Offer your team instant access to earned wages at no cost, with zero changes to your payroll.

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The Benefits for


Earnings prior to payday
In the event of an unexpected emergency, employees have the option to access an advance on their earned wages, eliminating the need to miss work.
No Fees Financial Account
Empower your employees with a fee-free financial account that delivers real financial benefits. With the Netevia card, your team can enjoy unlimited 1% cash back on purchases and earn points on their account balances.
Earnings prior to payday
Early Access to Tax Refund offers employees an interest-free advance on their expected tax returns. This immediate financial boost is settled with the actual refund, providing quick, hassle-free liquidity for urgent needs or cash flow improvement.

The Benefits for


Increase Employee Retention
Early wage access can enhance employee satisfaction, reduce financial stress, and improve overall well-being, leading to increased productivity. It can also serve as a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention.
Better Rewards
Employers enjoy the same perks as their employees, benefiting from unlimited 1% cash back and accruing points on account balances.
Better control over your expenses
The Netevia card lets employers set spending rules, enhancing financial control and reducing overspending risk. It's a convenient, peace-of-mind workplace benefit.

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